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19 August 2017

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4 September 2016

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365 days, 23 nov 2011
23 November 2011

Recent Comments

AMIR BABA on 2017(215)

Harry on 2017(218)
gorgeous portrait

Curly on 2017(215)
You are perfectly correct, never discard a frame without multiple considerations, sometimes you can make a keeper, or ...

omid on 2017(218)
such beautiful composition, focus & lights! Lovely portrait!

Sof on 2017(215)
Jolie prise et bravo pour ce Spotlight

Mireille T. on 2017(215)
Superbe! Félicitations!

omid on 2017(216)
:) Amazing portrait!

omid on 2017(217)
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Lovely portraits!

Aly on 2017(215)
Proficiat Wist spotlight Woww

Annima on 2017(215)
Excellent, bravo!

Babzy on 2017(215)
Excellent ! Contrats

Blikvanger on 2017(215)
Spotlight deserved!

Ruthiebear on 2017(215)
Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT!

Dimitrios on 2017(215)

omid on 2017(215)
such beautiful composition, lights & atmosphere! Amazing silhouettes! ... Congratulations! :)

Blikvanger on 2017(215)
O yes, very nice!

Blikvanger on 2017(214)
Great photo. I can almost hear her sing. Good background too, with the light beams.

omid on 2017(213)
such beautiful composition, focus & colors! Lovely portraits!

Existence Artistique on 2017(213)

rbassin on 2017(212)
très belle scène

omid on 2017(212)
:) Amazing portrait !!!!!

Le Krop on 2017(211)
J'aime beaucoup.

Existence Artistique on 2017(210)
intéressant résultat

Existence Artistique on 2017(209)
belle composition

Existence Artistique on 2017(208)

Existence Artistique on 2017(207)
C'est du bon boulot et une intéressante recherche

L'Angevine on 2017(194)
oh magnifique

Blikvanger on 2017(194)
Simultanious twins or the mirror women. One left handed , the other right handed.

L'Angevine on 2017(193)
génial les couleurs

L'Angevine on 2017(192)
oh que ça rend bien

L'Angevine on 2017(191)

365 on 2017(191)
Manifestement, il fallait du noir et blanc.

Olivier on 2017(171)
Effectivement pas une destination courante mais néanmoins fort intérrésante...

Olivier on 2017(191)
Joliment contrastée!

L'Angevine on 2017(190)

Olivier on 2017(171)
superbe, un paysage sorti du fin fond du moyen-age...

Olivier on 2017(190)
sympa ce sourire spontané.

L'Angevine on 2017(189)

L'Angevine on 2017(188)

L'Angevine on 2017(187)

omid on 2017(187)
such beautiful focus, colors & lights! Lovely!

L'Angevine on 2017(186)

Blikvanger on 2017(186)
Manneken Pis van zijn troon gezet.

L'Angevine on 2017(185)

L'Angevine on 2017(184)
oh excellent

L'Angevine on 2017(183)
bien ce regard

L'Angevine on 2017(182)
oh génial

L'Angevine on 2017(181)
bien son sac

L'Angevine on 2017(180)
oh excellent

L'Angevine on 2017(179)
bien ce bleu blanc rouge

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