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19 August 2017

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23 January 2018

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365 days, 23 nov 2011
23 November 2011

Recent Comments

ceteceva on 2018(078)
C'est très intéressant ces lignes et cette perspective !

omid on 2018(076)
Amazing street art.

Blikvanger on 2018(075)
Yes, you get the hang of it now.

Harry on 2018(074)
amazing neon1

omid on 2018(074)
Amazing work.

Harry on 2018(073)
Fun! good shot

Harry on 2018(072)
great attitude

Brockaly on 2018(072)
Great catch!

Franz on 2018(066)
What an exhilarating portrait of this happy musician and his instrument!

Existence Artistique on 2018(064)
belles couleurs

Harry on 2018(063)
love steam punk

Blikvanger on 2018(062)
Nice work.

Harry on 2018(057)
nice environmental portrait

omid on 2018(055)
such beautiful composition, perspective, colors, lights & shadows! A M A Z I N G !

MAU on 2018(051)
Great colorful portrait !!

omid on 2018(049)
Lovely portrait & bokeh!

MAU on 2018(047)
Hey!! He is carrying my walky-talky!! ;-) BTW, nice portrait.

Blikvanger on 2018(044)
Red Nose day?

Peter on 2018(040)
Great colors with the sunnies and sax!

omid on 2018(037)
Happy ST! :)

Mireille T. on 2018(023)
Superbe photo de scène! Félicitations!!!

Blikvanger on 2018(037)
He did not hang himself, did he?

Michael Rawluk on 2018(023)
Sucha joyful shot. Congratulations on the Spotlight.

Peter on 2018(036)
What a happy person and a heart warming image.

MAU on 2018(036)
Great portrait. Love her smile. I wish you (and others) would include a title with your photos and not just a sequence ...

Gérard on 2018(035)
Ah ah, et il va mieux ici qu'en face !

Jean-Luc.M on 2018(035)
Une bonne boucherie si l'on en croit les clients pressés d'entrer ! Excellent !

Olivier on 2018(035)
bien vu...j'aime.

Existence Artistique on 2018(033)4
trop bien la carte

AMIR BABA on 2018(023)

Olivier on 2018(030)
beau travail...

Jean-Luc.M on 2018(030)
Superbe ce graph, un peu de couleur dans cette grisaille !

Blikvanger on 2018(030)
A giant blue tit! Nice photo. White, blue and yellow and a bit of black. That is all you need for a peaceful photo ...

ceteceva on 2018(029)
C'est magnifique cette façon de saisir la posture du danseur et la lumière qui le baigne !

omid on 2018(025)
:) A M A Z I N G !!!!

Ruthiebear on 2018(023)
Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT!

Anne on 2018(023)

omid on 2018(024)
:) Lovely shot!

omid on 2018(023)
:) Lovely portraits! ... & Congratulations! :)

omid on 2018(019)
very nice street shot! A M A Z I N G !

omid on 2018(020)
such beautiful frame & colors! Amazing street art.

Blikvanger on 2018(019)
It looks as if wants to give her a punch. Or will their lips meet ... Nice photo!

MAU on 2017(297)
This is a good photo indeed. But I like today's better. It's her face, her expresión, something...

omid on 2018(018)
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Lovely portrait.

MAU on 2018(018)
I really like this photo. There is something special in the way she's looking sideways.

omid on 2018(014)
Lovely portraits!

omid on 2018(011)
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Lovely!

Blikvanger on 2018(010)
Weird mirror you have found.

zero on 2018(010)
like two eggs :)

barbod on 2017(215)
very very nice

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